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Kashmir Kesar KIngdom, Leading Saffron Company in kashmir

We feel enough pleasure and pride to introduce ourselves as the leading growers, dealers and exporters of 100% pure and natural Kashmiri saffron (kesar) in India. Our dynasty is involved in this legendary crop (saffron) trade since 1870 (140 years). During the era of 1870, the one and the only saffron trader of Kashmir of that period was our great grandfather HAJI MOHAMMAD RAMZAN BUTT, who along with his most trustworthy and closest friends Haji gaffar wani and Haji Mohammad Rajab shah launched their first saffron partnership company in Kashmir in the name and style of M/S.HAJI MOHAMMAD RAMZAN BUTT & CO. Keeping its head office at Pampore.

Haji Muhammad Ramzan Butt

Within a very short span of time, this prestigious company became so much popular in all corners of India. As time passed, the services and products quality reached far and wide. This company was fortunate to gain trust, respect and appreciation from all saffron growers (farmers) of Pampore, and every year the total saffron production of Kashmir was wholly bought and stored by HAJI MOHAMMAD RAMZAN BUTT & CO, directly from zamindars (farmers) without any commission agent in between and this way all saffron farmers in return were getting satisfactory price of their product (saffron).

leading saffron growers in kashmir, Saffron in Kashmir

Picture showing Saffron growers stock their Saffron productionand selling the same to Haji Mohammad Sultan Butt in the year 1960.

Saffron Growers of Kashmir, Kesar dealers of kashmir
In the year 1890 all the three partners of M/S HAJI MOHAMMAD RAMZAN BUTT & CO, keeping in view the growing age of their own sons, decided with mutual and positive understanding to close all the business activities of this very highly regarded partnership firm, and this way all the three partners decided to go for a separate venture. In July 1905, Haji Mohammed Ramzan Butt decided to launch a new firm along with his one and the only son Mohammad Sultan Butt at his own ancestral office cum residence at Namblabal Pampore in the name of M/S HAJI MOHAMMAD SULTAN BUTT & CO.

Haji Muhammad Sultan Butt

These two fathers and son worked hard to introduce their newly formed company from door to door and corner to corner in all major cities and towns of India. Keeping in mind the elderly age of his father, Haji Mohammad Sultan Butt travelled alone and marketed Kashmiri saffron into every corner of country during which he faced many hardships, atrocities and disgusting behavior from British soldiers in Calcutta, Delhi and Jaipur. Haji Sahib didnít lose courage and reached at every saffron consumer houses in major cities of India. Mr. Haji Mohammad Sultan Butt gained very much high reputation all over India in all retail and big consumer houses and became so much popular in saffron trading as everyone in India knew him by only one word "SAFFRON KING". Haji Mohammad Sultan Butt gave 100 times more expansion than his father to his saffron trading. Tourists who visit Kashmir every year both Indian and foreigners didnít ever left Kashmir without buying saffron from Mr.Haji Mohammad Sultan Butt as they had been always guided by their hosts to buy saffron only from Saffron king of Kashmir, just because on the basis of great reputation, honesty and purity.

kashmiri Saffron, Saffron in pampore

Picture showing Saffron Growers seperating Saffron filaments from Saffron Flowers and later Supplying the dried Saffron Stigmas to Haji Mohammad Sultan Butt.

Haji Mohammad sultan butt was highly regarded and respected in all saffron consumer houses of India like Zaffrani Zarda, Pan Masala, Ice Cream Manufacturers, Perfumers, Ayurvedic Companies, food industries and trustees of all major Hindu templesetc.etc. It is Haji Sahibís honesty, hard work and dedication towards his business by which he was highly known and respected by every saffron grower, trader and consumer in India. Simplicity and honesty was the HALLMARK of M/S HAJI MOHAMMAD SULTAN BUTT & CO.

Four generation saffron growers, Saffron King, Saffron's KingIt was Haji Sahibís word of mouth which gave expansion to his saffron trade in just few years. Haji Mohammad sultan butt was an awe inspiring personality having adequate knowledge and knowhow of 80 years in saffron business. Haji Mohammad Sultan Buttís commitment and relationship with the growers and end buyers gave him a unique platform to facilitate a direct grip on saffron market. He taught enough saffron trading principles to all his four sons who were already partners of the said company. Before Haji sahib got retired from saffron business due to very old age, he gave the command and leadership of his business in the hands of his elder son HAJI G.M.BUTT (KESARWALA) who like his father carried forward his ancestral saffron trade along with his three brothers in the same way and same fashion, keeping the same principles and policies in mind which were already formulated, established and adopted by his father HAJI MOHAMMAD SULTAN BUTT. Mr. G.M.BUTT (KESARWALA) later gave further boost to the already established company and left no stone unturned in framing his fatherís company as one and the only NO.1 saffron trading company of India.


Later M/S HAJI MOHAMMAD SULTAN BUTT & CO. was winded up with the most cordial and mutual understanding of all the four brothers, with fulfillment of all legal formalities and requirements. All the four brothers started separately the same saffron trading under four different banners keeping the basic principles common which their great father Haji Mohammad Sultan Butt had taught them. Mr. G.M.Butt along with his two sons Farooq Butt and Khursheed Butt launched his own new company under the banner M/S KASHMIR KESAR KINGDOM in the year 1990 keeping the principal office at Namblabal Pampore (an area which is naturally blessed by the worldís costliest spice SAFFRON)