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A close view demonstrations of "DOLLYGOLD" Saffron of all types

Dear readers, after achieving satisfactory control in both retail and wholesale houses, KASHMIR KESAR KINGDOM (an ISO 9001-2008 company) finally launched our own registered brand of supreme growers quality saffron "DOLLYGOLD" brand in the year 2002. DOLLYGOLD has its own saffron farms at Pampore, a famous town of Kashmir and the company Kashmir Kesar Kingdom procures also from other farmers of the same town.

DOLLYGOLD is the well known brand because it produces abundant yellow colour, special flavour and mind blowing fragrance. DOLLYGOLD saffron is of highest quality and superior type, cultivated and processed on the best saffron-rich fields of Pampore. Our brand DOLLYGOLD saffron is packed in a completely pleasant environment. It is supplied to the reputed retail shopkeepers all over India.

Kashmir Kesar Kingdom's Dolygold Saffron, Best Saffron Product, Best Saffron Filament Product

A clear view of three red Saffron Stigmas inside a single Saffron Flower

DOLLYGOLD saffron is exclusively handpicked and packed at our head office in Kashmir by our well trained agricultural experts in 1/2 gm, 1 gm, 2 gm, 5 gm and 10 gm in our own very attractive packing. Due to its intense flavouring and colouring power, a tiny pinch of DOLLYGOLD saffron is sufficient to mix in as many as homemade dishes. Its flavour is better distributed when this golden herb DOLLYGOLD saffron is first allowed to soften in a little warm water than adding to food directly.

Be careful, true saffron is expensive, cheaper qualities which are easily available at most cheaper prices, cannot be called something saffron, that might be definitely coated with glycerol or some cough syrups. DOLLYGOLD saffron is deep orange to brownish red colour-the redder the strands, the better is the quality. The threads of our DOLLYGOLD saffron have a better flavour and the curative qualities are higher. Undoubtedly DOLLYGOLD saffron has a positive edge over other brands available in the Indian wholesale market-as our brand is directly from the rich farms of pioneer saffron grower and trader of Kashmir HAJI G.M.BUTT (KESARWALA)

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DOLLYGOLD saffron is believed to promote fairness of the complexion as it is produced by drying the stigmas very carefully and watchfully, only then it gives the actual bitter taste and a penetrating aromatic odour. A vast amount of human labour is involved in harvesting, drying, processing, cleaning and ultimately packing our finest brand of saffron "DOLLYGOLD". The dark red colour and long perfect strands of our brand are as beautiful as they are colourful and flavourful. A single gram of our DOLLYGOLD saffron easily translates into golden colour and fragrant flavour. A one single gram of our brand contains 450-500 saffron stigmas. The stigma is also called threads, strings, pieces or strands. Reputed and genuine quality brands do always mention crop year, expiry date, bar code and complete address of the dealer-DOLLYGOLD saffron has all this authentically on all its packs or boxes.

NOTE: We at KASHMIR KESAR KINGDOM (an ISO 9001-2008 certified company) does not believe in appointing distributors or franchisees for our DOLLYGOLD saffron. We only focus to supply directly to the consumers and reputed wholesalers/retailers throughout India. Since saffron is very expensive, unscrupulous dealers often adulterate it. So one has to be very careful while buying saffron and should never buy it from roadside hawkers.