Kashmir kesar kingdom company, Saffron king company profile KASHMIR KESAR KINGDOM ( ISO 9001-2008 company) a name which anyone can remember easily on the basis of our initial success which the legendary founders of saffron trading of our dynasty have provided us since past 140 years. Our father HAJI G.M.BUTT‘S marketing skills and innovative ideas created customer base rising every year.

The two brothers Mr.Farooq Butt and Mr.Khursheed Butt played a vital role in the expansion of the activities of marketing saffron in further areas of India. Both the brothers under the guidance, leadership and adequate experience of their great father Haji G.M.Butt (Kesarwala) worked much harder in most eco-friendly and brotherhood atmosphere for the further appraisement of their newly formed company Kashmir Kesar Kingdom (ISO 9001-2008 company).

Kashmir Kesar Kingdom House                     

We both the brothers Mr.Farooq Butt and Mr.Khursheed Butt are strictly taught by our father Haji G.M.Butt (Kesarwala) about our ancestral mission as to supply the only supreme growers quality saffron to all our valued customers, because since the beginning of saffron trade in our dynasty, quality as a main characteristic is close to our heart. Therefore it has become our aim to provide such a quality to our intelligent customers that are safe for consumption and always at very reasonable prices.

Saffron king company profile, kesarwala company profile

A close view of Saffron Red Filaments emerging out of the Purple Flower

Today Kashmir Kesar Kingdom (ISO 9001-2008 company) occupies the place of pride as one of the India’s reputed saffron trading company. The secret behind tremendous success of our company is the inspiration from our father Mr. Haji G.M.Butt (Kesarwala). His vision is to serve the same quality saffron to others which we use for ourselves. We in return have adopted his vision as our primarily mission. It is the positive vision of our father by which our company Kashmir Kesar Kingdom has achieved the present respected stage in domestic market. Our father Haji G.M.Butt (Kesarwala) has taught us to provide value added and supreme quality saffron to our customers and achieve their maximum satisfaction as we feel that it is the best reward. Mr. Haji G.M.Butt (Kesarwala) may rightly be called the pioneer of bringing Kashmiri saffron within the reach of every small and bulk consumer. Mr. Haji. G.M.Butt (Kesarwala) is committed to provide superior quality saffron, its availability and most reasonable pricing.

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We Mr.Farooq Butt and Mr.Khursheed Butt gave further spectacular growth to our company by adopting new marketing strategies which are highly appreciated by our father. With our positive efforts and soft spoken attitude, our company has recorded 100% growth since last few years and has added valued customers in our satisfied customers list. We at Kashmir Kesar Kingdom feel that with the growing demand of authentic Kashmiri saffron throughout world, we are keen to combine our strengths to create our company the largest player in the field of saffron. The combined strength of both the brothers with overall leadership of our father Haji G.M.Butt (Kesarwala) with similar philosophies and vision have made us true leaders of saffron trading in Kashmir. Our combined ideas have made us largest fully integrated saffron entity with significant presence across the country, especially in the southern states of India.

In this endeavor, Kashmir Kesar Kingdom using its vast experience and expertise in saffron trading, will very shortly introduce the same authentic, rich and pure kashmiri saffron in global market as kashmiri saffron is considered to be the best in the world in terms of sufficient and mind blowing flavor and fragrance. Our prime objective from time to time is to make all our valued customers fully aware about all the good and bad qualities of saffron, as saffron cheating is as old as saffron trade and will persist as long as saffron is traded. So we always guide our customers to go for ultra modern lab testing of samples before they order for bulk or small quantity of saffron. Kashmir Kesar Kingdom on the basis of its trust gained from more than 140 years from each and every corner of India, hereby guarantee its buyers about the 100% purity of our saffron which we have been supplying them since decades. We are the fourth generation of our dynasty who on its shoulders has carried only one slogan that ours is of only the finest, because we first are leading saffron growers, then traders.

Pampore saffron growers company profile, Leading saffron growers company profile

A Kashmiri Saffron farmer harvesting and drying Saffron Flowers in Saffron Farms of Pampore

In the year 2002, Kashmir Kesar Kingdom further enter into the famous handicrafts industry of Kashmir and have opened retail outlets ( showrooms) of all Kashmir handmade items under the dashing name and style Mumtaz Crafts. Mumtaz Crafts outlets have been already opened in Srinagar, Pahalgam and Gulmarg and the overall control of handicrafts business is totally governed by Mr.Farooq Butt only. Today Kashmir Kesar Kingdom (ISO 9001-2008 company) has reached to all heights and have achieved remarkable success in saffron manufacturing and trading business throughout India, and all our esteemed buyers are very much satisfied with our prompt services, supreme growers quality saffron and above all lowest reasonable prices.